In the old good days… well at least 1936 Swedish Air Services was founded. Through Swedair, Genair and AAA if became BF Hangar 5. During that time, our flight workshop did “everything” frompropellers and engine overhauls to electronics and avionics, and repaired aircrafts from unrecognizable to pearls. The times, the material and the rules were changed over time and Hangar 5 became more or less just a supervisory body for Scandinavian Aviation Academy’s aircrafts. 

Dala Airtech was founded in Borlänge by Jan Yngvesson in 1994. The company started as a single-man company and eventually developed and expanded, which led to a transition to more spacious facilities. The amount of customers has increased over the years. Our customers are now both private aircraft owners, flying clubs, registered flight schools, helicopter operators and airlines.

In 2005, SAA bought Dala AirTech and at the same time changed the name to Scandinavian AirTech. During the fall of 2005, Hangar 5 was merged together with Scandinavian AirTech, and from that point on the name Scandinavian AirTech has been used.

Scandinavian AirTech is nowadays an extent workshop that perform inspections on many different aircrafts and helicopters. The company can also perform Dye Penetrant controls on desired parts and perform some plate reparations that does not demand jigg – Contact us and we can inform you how we can help you with your individual and specific needs and desires.